We does custom decorative painting for homes and offices. Wall art and murals faux painting walls, door murals, garden murals and jungle murals are some of the custom work that can be created in your home. We can customize any room in your home or business whether it is your child's room, the master bed room, restaurant or anywhere else you can think of. We can create the look that you are looking for. Custom murals give your home  or business a personalise touch that will leave a lasting impression on your guess and you for a life time.

Murals are attractive and can help your business be presentable, memorable and provide the proper atmosphere for your clients. It attracts customers, gives them and idea as to what type of business they are in and leaves them with a lasting impression. Impressions are important when you are in business and the better your business looks the more successful it will be. We creating the Illsuion....

We do not print the murals, we paint them by hand. There is two ways of this process: 1. We can come directly to your house and do the work, 2. We can paint it on the canvas with size you want and send it to you. We do not sell mass produced wallpaper murals. We hand paint custom murals, just for you! We create a wall mural from your ideas, and paint it on canvas to exactly the size and shape you need or we paint it directly on your wall. We can use oil paint or aquarelle paint. We currently serve South Florida, but depend of the project we can come to your state. If you decide to have a canvas mural, they are shipped right to your door, and hung like wallpaper. The canvas option is most preferred since it can be taken down if you ever decide to relocate and will not have to give up your custom art piece. All of the canvas murals can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. But if you decide to paint your wall, we will be happy to help you.

Here is what we do! Below are some sample of some of the work that I did.

The Desert - Wall Murals

design on a wall - "The Desert" Murals

Home wall mural fine art - details on a mural wall oil mural on a wall
detail colum at muralswall.com living room mural aux finish wall
oil painting of a woman canvas oil painting art design on a canvas
abstract painting - wall murals acrylic painting abstract acrylics design
Scetch by Stephany @ Murals Wall Sctetch of a man by Murals Wall Scetch of a woman at wall murals
abstract - custom made wall painting My family sketch by Stephany portret from murals wall
mural portret oil painting canvas sketch for a mural project
oil painting - from muralswall.com school project for custom painting my family - custom made painting
self portret on Stephany @ wall murals sketch portret of someone @ wall murals canvas painting with oils
canvas painting of a woman The Drama by Stephany - muralswall.com acrylics painting
custom made oil painting acrylic sketch spring flower by wall murals
portret by Stephany portret of a friend - custom wall murals sketch by Stephany
sketch on a canvas custom oil painting abstract by Stephany
sketch by wallmurals sketch by wall murals sketch by murals wall
custom wall mural
custom painting - on SALE

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